Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I do YuDu !

Today I got a yudu screen printing machine and made my first screen print!
This photograph I took of Max:
Became this printed on a tshirt ! (it looks a tad funky since the tshirt is just hanging on the hanger. I'll try for one with the shirt on tomorrow when there is actually sun!).
"muffin" is what I often call max because he's my little love muffin :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and bdays...working on new art

Art Stuff

no idea why, but now that it's after christmas, i'm in the mood to make christmas crafts. i've been dying bottle brush trees fun and funky colors. it looks like some wierd christmas tree farm.

i've even managed to glitter some of them, but the glue is not working real well, so i will have to try and figure out another method to keep them from shedding too much.

I got my trees at Home Depot (who knew they had them?) and returned all the overpriced ones I'd gotten at Michaels. i like the "sugared" looking ones best, and for sure I am going to make some for Valentines day.

I'm doing my yearly clean out of my studio and have managed to take out a cupboard and move cabinets and I'm really hoping to have a much more functional studio in 2009!

Christmas stuff
every year, since the kids have been born, I've taken their pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Some day, I'll be organized enough to make a photo book out of them !

note to self: remember not to tell travis to make a dorky face !
I thought I'd try to do something fun/artsy with pictures of the dogs in Christmas outfits....

most of them came out like this....

Max refused to contribute and chose to play with his new ball instead.
but Henry was my little star ! ho ho ho

Birthday stuff
and then there were the birthdays...

i can't believe i'm old enough to have a 16yr old. he wanted chocolate pie for his bday "cake"...I made baby ones.

Henry's 1st bday was in December, but due to a huge snow storm, i wasn't going to brave it to get the ingredients I was missing for his cakes. He's ok with getting them later :)

Max's 2nd bday was in november. I made Pup Cakes. he moved so fast to eat his that the pictures didn't come out too good!

Emily's bday was in november too. I guess there was some sort of "pie for cake" thing this year!

Friday, September 19, 2008

updated blog links

I've found the most interesting blogs by following links on blogs I love... I've finally gotten around to updating my blog links.

What you'll find now is an eclectic mix of blogs that I try to visit at least every other day...some art, phenomenal writers, home decor, and pugs... it's really more of a reflection of me now! I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as I go, but this is a good start (since I've done no new art).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Max joins our family!

Max, a black pug, is the newest addition to our family as of Thursday.
He is the sweetest thing and I'm really thrilled to have him.
Yes, three dogs is enough and we'll be stopping now!

here's a few pictures of the newest beast:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If no answer...I'm in the Garden

We've had gloriously not-too-hot weather and as usual, I'm trying to soak up as much sun and get yard time as possible.
Here's an update on how big the sunflowers are now.
oh, you can't tell that the sunflower is over a foot wide from that picture ? Here's Emily (all 5'3" of her) standing next to them for some perspective. I love her pose when I requested she stand there !
My asters have finally started blooming. I'm a little frustrated that it took so long when I winter sowed them and they were the first things to come up, but they look fantastic now.

There are many, many more yard pictures to be posted, but I must mow the lawn while the doggies are napping.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lordy, Lordy look who's 40

today was my birthday... I cannot believe I am this old.
I took a few self portraits for posterity....
I like this black/white one the best-

here I am in color -
yeah, not a good hair day, but when it's almost 90 and really high humidity I'm lucky my bangs even stayed straight!